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Missions and Functions
  • To serve as FEMA's Geospatial Information Office to oversee and coordinate proper documentation and use of agency-created geospatial data through shared investment and cost avoidance, applied use of GIS technology, and administration of robust and high quality geospatial technology and services in support of emergency management.
  • Ensure GIS data quality by acquiring and providing accurate, reliable and complete core GIS data and a central geodatabase.

  • Operate and maintain a GIS enterprise service bus for easy and common access to geographic information, tools and services.

  • Manage the FEMA GIS Enterprise Portfolio as an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable use of GIS technology throughout the organization.

  • Improve the FEMA GIS knowledge base through the use of effective, broad-reaching communications and mission oriented training.

  • Operate and maintain the Mapping and Analysis Center (MAC) to provide geospatial analysis and situational awareness during disasters, emergencies, exercises, events, training and normal operations.